Carpet Cleaning

How To Clean Carpets At Home

Useful but also decorative, rugs are among the most versatile furnishing accessories in the house. Comfortable in the bathroom and kitchen, they become elegant and precious at the entrance, in the living room or the bedroom. In more or less delicate or valuable fibres, they can be natural or synthetic, plain or decorated. All of them, however, require care and attention to keep them clean and retain their colours.

Although they are a very popular home accessory, carpets, have a big flaw. They collect dust, mites and dirt as well as being damaged by any stains and wear due to walking on them. If dry cleaning is the vendor recommended method, it’s not the only solution. There are many natural, ecological and do-it-yourself methods to keep our beloved rugs at their best. Here are some tips on how to clean carpets at home.

Eliminates dust and mites

Being in contact with the floor and being walked on, carpets can only get dirty easily, accumulating dust and germs. For this reason, constant cleaning is necessary to eliminate mites and grains that have settled. The first good habit to clean carpets, therefore, is to remove dust and surface dirt by vacuuming. Do this also from the back, to also detach the dust in the deep fibres.

Alternatively, use a sorghum broom or carpet cleaner and bang the rugs vigorously in the fresh air. Let them breathe well, perhaps by laying them on the balcony railing: this ensures the hygiene of the fibres and your home. Also, leaving the rugs outside removes the moisture that could cause mould. And don’t neglect the cotton and terry rugs in the bathroom: beat them vigorously and wash them periodically in the washing machine.

Even steam is an environmentally friendly way to clean your carpets. In that case, you must have the right tools available to proceed with. You can also add lemon or lavender essential oil to the water to perfume the room. If necessary, for example in case of allergies, use an anti-mite spray to sanitize the carpets.

Baking soda, vinegar and coarse salt for a deep cleansing

Our grandmothers knew it well: for deep cleaning of the carpets, what is needed is a little baking soda. Used in many products, bicarbonate is slightly abrasive and is used to absorb oils and to remove dirt and stains. Even the most delicate carpet can be treated with baking soda; proceed like this. Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet, focusing on the stains, and let it sit for a few hours. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove it and a brush in the dirtiest spots. Otherwise, you can use a solution of baking soda and white vinegar. In a litre of water pour two glasses of vinegar and three tablespoons of baking soda, mix and distribute with a spray dispenser. Gently brush the fibres and let them dry away from direct sunlight.

Coarse salt and vinegar (in equal parts) are also good for stubborn stains. Mix them to obtain a thick and homogeneous paste, to be poured on the stain. Let them work and then clean with a damp cloth or sparkling water. Finally, if the carpet has oily traces, use baking soda and corn starch: they will absorb the fat.

Cleaning with water and tea leaves

To clean carpets, will seem trivial, but water is precious. For example, you can remove stains using sparkling water while holding on the reverse side of the paper towel. Then there is the hydrogen peroxide, to be poured directly on the stains and left to act. Just a few minutes before rubbing with a cloth to make the stain disappear.

You may be amazed, but tea leaves are an effective remedy to liven up the colours of carpets. Just rub a few damp leaves on the carpet and let it dry outdoors away from direct sun. If the fibres are very delicate, place the tea leaves in a cloth and gently wipe the carpet. The colours will come back vivid. Good cleaning!

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