Carpet Cleaning

How To Clean And Wash The Carpet

How to clean and wash the carpet in a simple and fast way without effort using home remedies, specific products, by hand or with dry or steam machines. Useful tips for cleaning home carpets, stairs, cars and boats.

The carpet is a floor covering mainly used on boats and from hotels to coat corridors and stairs, especially in most countries subjected to harsh temperatures as it allows a greater heating of the environments avoiding thermal losses.

On the other hand, it is a surface that gets dirty easily and attracts dirt, hair, mold, mites, dust.

Especially if there are animals that live or pass on the carpet it is necessary to clean and sanitize often because animal parasites such as fleas, lice can find fertile ground among the fabrics of the carpet.

Furthermore, it is necessary to keep away the bad smells that the carpet tends to impregnate.

How to keep carpet clean

Cleaning and maintaining a carpet can be done with both dry and steam methods. Dry methods are those processes that do not require the use of water and specific detergents.

Clean the carpet with natural dry remedies

The first tip is to periodically vacuum clean to remove dust and surface dirt.

If we have animals that live in the environment, we need to vacuum at least once every two days, better once a day.

If liquids end up on the carpet, it is best to dab immediately with a cloth or absorbent paper.

Clean the carpet with DIY Remedies

Thanks to grandma’s secrets, you can keep your carpet clean effortlessly.

  1. When water falls on the carpet, immediately dab with an absorbent cloth.
  2. Then wipe it with baking soda.
  3. If the liquid is not water, but wine, coffee, cola, beer, etc., pass some soda, that is, highly oxygenated water, before applying the bicarbonate.

Remove old and stubborn stains from carpet with do-it-yourself remedies

If you have not acted in time, you can still take action to remove the stains as follows:

  1. In the case of now dry stains we can use a vaporization of water and vinegar in a 1 to 1 solution.
  2. Then we use an absorbent cloth to blot the stain.
  3. If the stain is not removed, it must be done by spraying a larger quantity of water and vinegar solution.
  4. Then dry with an absorbent cloth first and use baking soda over the stain for greater effectiveness.
  5. When the carpet is white you can try an emulsion of salt and lemon instead of vinegar.
  6. For coffee stains, in addition to what has been seen, you can proceed with a solution of alcohol and water, or water and bleach.

All these remedies should be tried first on a small non-visible area of ​​the carpet or making sure they are treatments compatible with the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance specifications.

Carpet cleaner: machine for cleaning and washing carpets with steam

The carpet must be washed periodically and there are special machines such as carpet cleaners or steam carpet cleaners.

The carpet cleaner is nothing more than a polisher with a tank in which water is introduced and a particular specific soap for washing the carpet which, through a duct, wets the rotating brushes which have the function of beating, cleaning and washing the carpet.

After washing the carpet, let it dry.

Tips to increase the longevity of the carpet

Use in the most delicate points such as at doors or entrances, runners or plasticized protections.

Beware of stains that can be removed with specific solvents for carpets, the compatibility of which must be checked on the label or on the technical sheet of the carpet manufacturer.

Things not to do when cleaning carpet

  • Use strong brushes which can damage the fibres.
  • Use cleaning products in excessive doses, which could go deep and give life to mould.
  • Do not use chlorine or ammonia to clean wool carpet.
  • Do not use chlorine to clean silk carpet.

How to eliminate bad smells from carpet

  1. The first effective do-it-yourself remedy to eliminate odours is baking soda.
  2. Just pour it on the affected part of the carpet and leave it to act from 15 minutes to 24 hours (depending on the persistence of odors and the delicacy of the carpet).
  3. Then you simply vacuum the baking soda off with a vacuum cleaner, and that’s it.
  4. If the bad smells are persistent, first treat the part with a solution of water and vinegar and then spread the bicarbonate.
  5. For an even more important effect, you can add 1/2 cup of borax and two corn flour to a glass of baking soda.

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