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How to clean up Water Damage in the Carpet

Water damage restoration

It is difficult to clean or even completely wash the carpet yourself, but it is possible. However, after washing, the following question naturally arises regarding the drying of the product. Only at first glance, it seems that there is no difficulty in this, but in fact, very many make unjustified mistakes, as a result of which all efforts for washing or cleaning are in vain. It also happens that the carpet completely gets wet due to some force majeure situation, for example, the carpet of an apartment by a pipe break in their apartment. How to dry your carpet at home, what you can do with the floor after washing, and what you shouldn’t do read on.

How to dry a wet area

If the carpet is not completely wet, but only partly as a result of a fall of a vase with water, a leak of a radiator or other unexpected situation, but it is necessary:

  • Remove water from the surface of the stain as soon as possible before it has been completely absorbed this advice is especially important for carpets made of cotton, wool and other natural materials.
  • Thoroughly blot the wet spot with an absorbent towel.
  • If there is a washing vacuum cleaner in the house, you can use it to remove water.
  • If the carpet is soaked through, then a dry cloth should be placed between it and the floor; if possible, raise this area of ​​the covering to freshen it both from the front and the wrong side.

If the apartment is warm and dry, then you can dry a partially wet carpet without much effort. In cool rooms and with high levels of humidity, including in winter, you should additionally use a hairdryer or install a heater next to a wet spot.

How to completely dry a wet carpet at home

Drying your carpet after washing is much easier than drying it accidentally. Washing is a controlled process involving the use of a certain amount of water. Deciding to wash the carpet on his own, his owner already thinks about how he will dry it, and he chooses the most suitable time of the year for this when it is warm and sunny outside.

But if the carpet was flooded with water due to unforeseen circumstances and got very wet, and it is winter outside, then it will be very difficult to dry it at home. Owners of expensive and large round carpets made from natural materials would be better off not taking risks and contacting specialized dry cleaning companies. It costs money, but it increases the chances of preserving the product.

If a decision is made to dry the palace in an apartment without assistance, then the following steps should be performed:

  • First, collect all the water from the floor and around the carpet;
  • Remove all heavy objects from the surface;
  • Then, gradually, fragment by fragment, try to remove water from the surface of the carpet to the maximum, fragment by fragment (it is better to use a dry cloth, which will need a lot).

When most of the water is removed, the carpet must be rolled up and, weather permitting, taken out to the street. It is worth remembering that textiles filled with moisture are much heavier, so it is better to do this not alone, but together or three. A wet carpet does not need to be hung on the crossbar, because it can deform from this. It is more correct to spread it on the grass, after putting a clean cloth on it. During the drying process, the product must be turned over several times.

Drying the carpet in an apartment in winter will be much more difficult. An air conditioner with a dehumidification function can help in this difficult task. Even on frosty days, the room needs to be ventilated several times a day to remove excess moisture from the air. During the drying process, the carpet must be lifted from the floor so that the air can circulate calmly.

What not to do and the negative results of mistakes

Even knowing how to quickly dry a carpet at home, in a critical situation, many make mistakes. What not to do:

  • Walking on a wet carpet contributes to a deterioration in the condition of the pile;
  • Dry the carpet on one side only, disregarding the base.

Also, do not forget about taking care of the floor covering directly, which can also suffer as a result of a wet carpet lying on its surface for a long time.

If you neglect the advice on how to properly dry the carpet at home, you may encounter the

following unpleasant consequences:

  • Destruction of the base, loss of pile;
  • Loss of shape and colour, deformation (relevant for natural materials);
  • The appearance of an unpleasant putrefactive odour is a result of the multiplication of dangerous bacteria and fungi, as well as mould spores.

After these consequences, it will be very difficult to bring the product back to normal, so in some cases, it is mandatory to hire professionals for Water damage restoration service.

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