How to Decorate the Bedroom?

room decoration

It’s time to tell you how to decorate your bedroom in a unique and personal way, this room is so intimate.

The bedroom is your space, where you know you can find refreshment and relaxation. An environment where it is difficult for other people to enter except when they come to visit you for the first time in the new house.

Furthermore, if the master bedroom becomes a couple’s love nest, the best thing will be to unite two worlds as similar as they are different and find the loving compromise to decorate the room in a fairway.

In this article, you will read my tips on how to decorate the bedroom according to my tastes and experiences. They will be adapted to you or to the people who will make this room an important part of their home.

room decoration

Decorate the Walls in the Bedroom

In my opinion, decorating the bedroom, and in particular, its walls is essential. This is to make it unique and impactful and to conquer you every time you enter it. First of all, I would suggest giving colour to at least one of the walls of the room, which is usually the one where we rest the headboard.

This wall, painted white or highlighted with the colour that best suits you is suitable for further decoration in various ways. For example by hanging fabrics such as:

  • A beautiful fabric, woven and hand-decorated with historical representations;
  • A carpet, specially adapted and created to stand vertically;
  • Curtains that descend along the headboard of the bed to give a cover effect.

Or by hanging decorations of various types:

  • One or more paintings placed in no particular order or methodical and linear;
  • Frames that have photos of you or your family as their subject;
  • Stylized and particular objects and decorations to be dropped parallel to the wall but hung from the ceiling.

Can you imagine decorating your bedroom with spheres floating above your head to tell you that you are part of the universe? I believe this will be one of my next projects in mine.

Have you found your right inspiration instead? But, now, let’s find out how to continue decorating the bedroom by focusing on the furniture and its differences.

Furniture: How to Decorate them?

The furniture you choose to decorate the bedroom represents you and the personality you want to give to your room. We all know what kind of furniture a room usually consists of, so with my advice, I just want to give you an alternative way to experience it.

Choose the one I define as the modular bedroom version; not necessarily the furniture in your room must be of the same series:

  1. A different bedside table
  2. A piece of large antique furniture belonging to the grandmother
  3. A walk-in closet directly in the room;
  4. Mixed and well-assorted styles, perhaps with wood colours or different materials;
  5. A mini bookcase above the dresser or directly on a free wall, adding small shelves that will be a niche for your books and objects; if you love the television in your room, take a picture of it by inserting it in an eye-catching frame;
  6. Prefer the container bed if you don’t have much space in the room and choose what type of furniture you want to have;
  7. A mirror: I don’t put it insight in the room because it has a soul of its own. It could be a topic to be explored in another article, but in the meantime, I advise you never to place it on the wall at the foot of the bed or next to it, and not even in a place where it reflects too much light. Maybe you know why too!

Instead, what I call the bed season is a way to decorate the bedroom that changes its appearance but keeps it the same.

You can do this by changing the dress of your room: sheets, pillows, curtains and carpets may vary according to the seasons that follow one another. After all, we are the first to cut our hair, update our wardrobe, and feel good about certain colours rather than others based on the periods.

It’s the same for your room. Do you know what you can understand it from? From the different light that comes in from the window day after day, from the atmosphere that you feel you need around you at certain times of the year. We value the energies of colours and shapes, the power to accompany us in a peaceful sleep or, vice versa, to stimulate our intimate desires, perhaps with the better half.

At the same time remember that you could decorate the bedroom and its furniture giving a universal and lasting impression, coordinating your bed linen with the objects. For example, choosing from the four large macro-elements we are part of – fire, water, air, earth – and decorating the bedroom featuring the element that best represents you.

3 Ideas for Different Rooms

As you have seen, you don’t need much to decorate the bedroom and you don’t even need too innovative things. But let’s see 3 other ideas for different rooms to be inspired by for our night den :

  • Add symbolic and meaningful plants and furniture items;
  • Create a meditative corner that nourishes our spiritual side;
  • Dedicate an area to the reading/relaxation corner.

I decided to associate each of these ideas with a different style. It is a bit like playing cards and shuffling the deck: it is obvious that you then have to adapt the idea in the style you prefer. So let’s read how to decorate the bedroom according to the most popular styles.

Rustic room

Also, on the balconies of our windows, it is not usual to see plants resting, so I would put some handcrafted Guide Lanterns, even large ones that give a little warmth. In the evening, while you are under the covers, the string of lights that turn on at a time, illuminate from the glass from outside to inside.

In a rustic room, I find perfect those objects that are now abandoned but that our grandmothers or great-grandmothers certainly used, such as the pedestal that contained basin and jug to wash in peace in their room. Such a room might have a nice coat hanger made from an old polished wooden staircase, the chandeliers are also made from old jugs or vases. Here, the covers made with crochet cotton thread, of various colours are perfect together with sheets with vintage decorations, which will gradually leave room for furry or soft wool blankets for the arrival of autumn-winter.

Classic room

In a classic bedroom, where the colours of the furniture must be homogeneous, a space on the master dresser can be designed as a spiritual corner. I don’t know about you, but I have memories of the rooms of grandmothers, aunts and mothers where there was always at least one figurine, some holy card or some other object of prayer or meditation.

It does not matter what the symbolic object of your faith is, but let it exist because finding a home in yourself and isolating yourself even for a short time but in a sacred place is certainly good.

You can decorate it with a flower gently placed in a vase, absolutely with a candle near it, perhaps in a lantern. It also leaves space for decorated dishes where to put maybe some white sage. For example, I keep some gifts that I have received dear to me nearby.

On the walls I would see well some bedroom-themed paintings, to give an intimate and private atmosphere, adorned with long curtains that nestle on the ground creating a pleasant optical movement.

Modern room

Decorating a modern bedroom is enjoyable because it is a ready room and has, among its characteristics, that of having only the bare essentials. But I would like to detach for a moment the word minimal from the word modern because, as you know, it doesn’t have to be like that!

A pile of books, whether they are on the nearby bedside table, on a small table or even resting on the ground, is enough to have your reading corner. In the room, you don’t study, but you take care of yourself, please.

In a modern room, the bedside tables and lampshades look great personalized. For example, I have a high one with low light, and a low one with high light.

The carpets in the room are usually a must, the long-haired ones are in fashion. I, on the other hand, propose not to put them, especially if you have a wooden floor that feels warm to the touch and is in direct contact with something natural.

I deliberately chose to give you brief tips for decorating the bedroom, without having to upset the environment. If I’ve given you some extra input or just confirmed choices you’ve already made, let me know!

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