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How to Remove Iron Marks from the Carpet?

How to remove iron marks on the carpet? Carpet in our homes takes up a large area on the floor and is subject to daily physical stress. We walk on it, lie down, vacuum, and sometimes it serves us completely for other purposes for example, instead of an ironing board. The hot soleplate of the iron is dangerous for the pile of the carpet because the high temperature can damage it. Accidentally dropping the iron while it is on can leave a noticeable mark on the carpet. These spots can have varying degrees of damage, depending on how long the hot sole and the carpet are in contact. If the iron is on the carpet for less than a second, only the very tops of the fibres are damaged. This is not the most difficult damage the tops of the fused fibres can be simply cut off. In some cases, the iron will fall so that a significant length of the pile is burned. This is the most difficult damage, as it requires replacing part of the carpet. The simplest case is when the pile is not damaged at all, but there are only small traces of the iron on the carpet – they can be removed without much difficulty. Follow the guidelines below for the best results. 

Is it possible to remove the iron mark from the carpet?

Immediately, we note that only a small trace of the iron can be removed from the carpet if the tips of the pile have been damaged, but if the carpet has burned thoroughly from a hot iron, and even in composition it is synthetic (synthetic fibres melt and stick together, then get rid of the spots will not work completely. No less important factors influencing the positive outcome of cleaning will be the height of the carpet pile and the colour of the carpet.

Note: In the case of expensive hand-made carpets made from natural materials, do not try to solve the problem yourself, but give the carpet to specialists for carpet repair and carpet stretching services.

There is also a remedy for Burns

In a way, you are lucky that the cigarette fell on the artificial carpet, and it only melted a little. Products made from natural materials – wool, bamboo, silk, are destroyed much more strongly by heat. Judging by your photo, the master has not much work to do. He will remove the melted pile and fill its place with a new one – suitable in structure and colour.

In case of thermal damage to the carpet base, repair and restoration consist of removing the damaged area and closing the defect with a patch with a suitable pile weaving into it.

How to get rid of the burn marks on the carpet or carpet?

The only correct solution for removing the traces of burnt pile on the carpet is to carefully cut the carpet with thin sharp scissors. The main goal is to remove the damaged burnt pile ends on the carpet, while cutting should be done slowly and trying to maintain an even height of the pile on the damaged area so that it is not visible that the carpet has been cut.

After the trace on the carpet from the iron has been removed, it is important to thoroughly vacuum the carpet (collect the trimmed burnt pile with a vacuum cleaner), after which, if desired, you can carry out a wet cleaning of this area of ​​the carpet, for example, using active foam for cleaning carpets from Vanish to refresh the external type of carpet and remove the unpleasant smell from the burnt pile.

In conclusion, we note that it is always important to keep an eye on the switched-on iron at home so as not to end up in unpleasant situations in which you can ruin not only carpets but also furniture and favourite things. If nevertheless, it was left scorched on the carpet, it is better to try to remove it immediately and not delay cleaning, while the success of removing the stain from the iron will, unfortunately, depend only on the degree of complexity of the stain itself and the quality of the carpet. We leave our feedback and useful tips on how to remove the trace from the iron on the carpet in the comments to the article and share it on social networks if it was useful to you.

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