Tiles Cleaning


One of the most important tasks is cleaning the flooring.

When the renovation comes to an end, it seems that you can soon move into the renovated housing, but not everything is so simple. Before you move into a house or apartment after a radical transformation, you must first clean up the mess. Even if the construction team promises to clean the house, there will still be garbage and construction dust in the room, and it’s not worth talking about stains on windows and mirrors at all.

Before washing dirty floors, it is important to know what type of coating is used and choose the right detergent. Before selection, it is necessary to find out the origin of the stains. So, some means will help to wash off construction dust, and others will help to eliminate glue stains.

Professional tile cleaning services consistently outperform other methods of cleaning among the many tile and grout cleaning services.

Can the surface be washed with warm running water? Yes, but even if you repeat the procedure many times, stains and stains may remain.

How to wash the floor from the repair?

First of all, it is important to follow the sequence of actions:

  • Pre-collect all large debris and remnants of building materials
  • Remove interfering interior items
  • Thoroughly sweep away visible debris, while moistening the air in the room
  • Vacuum the surface 
  • Remove individual contaminants carefully using brushes or a soft scraper so as not to damage the finishing material;
  • Walk on the coating with a damp clean cloth
  • Wash the surface with the addition of the selected product.

These actions will help to clean the floor from repairs and eliminate construction dust harmful to the body.

It is important to remember that before using this or that drug to eliminate stains, you should make sure that it is safe. To do this, you need to test it in an inconspicuous area. It is also worth paying attention to the composition of the funds. So, they should not contain chlorine or abrasive particles that can damage the product.

How to wash the tiles after repairing the floor?

Floor tiles are a fairly common finishing material. With the advent of underfloor heating, it began to be used not only in the bathroom and bathrooms but also in the kitchen and even in living rooms. But putting it in order after construction or work is often very problematic because not everyone knows which drug can be used for a particular case.

Depending on the type of pollution, the following inexpensive household substances are exploited:

  • A solution of vinegar or ammonia can remove the remnants of hardened glue on the tile
  • Solvent or acetone-containing agents can remove the remnants of the dried primer. You can also use a fresh composition of the primer, put it on top of the old one and carefully scrape it off
  • Warm water perfectly removes traces of cement grout, lime, and plaster
  • A soapy solution will help wash the tiles after repairs on the floor and walls from construction dust, and putty, which must first be removed with a dry cloth and a vacuum cleaner. You can also use diluted lemon juice or a weak solution of vinegar
  • White spirit is used to remove silicone sealant and paint. Acetone is also used as an alternative.

But to eliminate the epoxy grout, you need to purchase a special epoxy solvent.

Not sure which detergent or cleaner to choose? No time to clean up? Then we can easily help you. Our cleaning of apartments after repair and construction will give impeccable cleanliness and freshness. Thanks to the use of safe and effective products, as well as professional equipment, we manage to achieve 100% results.

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