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Spider Alarm in the House: What to do?

how to get rid of spiders

You don’t necessarily have to suffer from arachnophobia to consider spiders in the house an unpleasant circumstance or a nightmare. It happens a little to everyone. They produce silk (resistant and elastic) thanks to the supply chains located in the abdominal area: the cobwebs are small architectural masterpieces, but the charm of these arachnids gives way to a sense of repulsion that spares no one.

They are real scavengers: with their cobwebs, they trap prey by cleaning up the environments of bugs, mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

Spiders are arachnids, not insects. Their body is divided into two parts (cephalothorax and opisthosoma) has 8 legs and buccal chelicerae. They are predators, feeding on other spiders, insects, small mammals and reptiles. Not having the ability to ingest solid foods, they must immobilize the prey by inoculating poisons with their bites. This way, they will have plenty of time to digest it with the secretion of enzymes.

Are they dangerous for humans? How do eliminate them?

spider alarm in the house

How and why do spiders get into the house?

We notice spiders and little mites in the corners of the shelves, cobwebs on the top of the bed or in the corners of the ceilings. The first sign of their presence is precisely the cobwebs even if, in humid environments, there are arachnids similar to spiders with a round body and long legs (the Opillions ) capable of making cobwebs. In addition, some species of spiders prefer to go directly to hunt for prey without weaving webs in dark and hidden places.

Spiders seek shelter in the most hidden and unthinkable corners. They can hide or be attracted to light sources such as stained glass or windows where it is easy to catch insects.

Why do they enter our homes? They look for warmth, shelter, and a safe place where they can weave their webs and attract prey.

Where do they come in from? From the cracks in frames, windows, doors, cables and pipes, from torn and damaged mosquito nets. To prevent spiders from entering, therefore, replace any broken mosquito net and close cracks and crevices with putty. It is important to install mosquito nets, brushes and anti-intrusion rubbers to be applied on doors, windows and other openings.

At the first signs of spiders in your home, vacuum not only the cobwebs but also the spiders and eggs.

Spiders alarm in Italy: how to recognize them

Fold spiders (a) are the most common and widespread, also known as dust spiders, dancers, long-legged, house, cellar and (in Tuscany) blessed spiders. They have long legs, and a brown or grey body (often with streaks) similar to the shell of a peanut. They are unable to bite humans or pets and, however small, they make large cobwebs behind furniture, on the corners of walls.

The wolf spider (c) (Lycosa tarentula, tarantula), about 3 cm large and with a hairy abdomen, is shy and lives hidden in its den. It is hardly found in urban environments, it is more likely to be found in rural areas. It hunts for prey: when it bites (rarely) it causes effects similar to an insect bite.

Beware of the Violin Spider and the Black Widow

The violin spider (b) gets its name from the characteristic dark violin-shaped spot on its back and abdomen. It does not make cobwebs, it prefers direct hunting of prey. It is present throughout Italy, from Europe it has spread to the USA. It can slip between clothes and sheets: it is not aggressive but, if it feels threatened, it can react by biting. Its bite can prove painful to pets. The effects of the poison depend on the location of the bite and any pathologies of the affected subjects (diabetes, allergies, heart disease, neurological and haematological diseases). 

The Black Widow (d), about 1,5 cm in size, has a dark abdomen with 13 red spots. It lives in arid and stony environments of the Mediterranean scrub, between walls and stones. It is impossible to find it in urban areas and rarely in country houses. Its bite causes latrodectism with severe effects (sweating, nausea, retching, headache, fever, severe abdominal cramps) up to a loss of consciousness and (in rare cases) death. It is lethal depending on the amount of poison inoculated and the size of the victim: children and small pets are the victims most at risk. In allergy sufferers, it can cause anaphylactic shock.

Are common spiders dangerous?

The common spiders that move in the corners of our rooms to weave webs are harmless to humans. As we have seen, the spiders that are dangerous to health are the violin spider and the Black Widow.

If it is true that there are risks associated with spider bites that should not be underestimated, it is also true that in Italy, fortunately, there are few species that represent a danger to humans and pets. Those that enter our homes, the common spiders, are generally not aggressive.

Good to know but their presence must be eliminated for reasons of repulsion, hygiene and aesthetics that make our walls ‘dirty’ and neglected.

How to get rid of spiders in the house

The presence of spiders in neglected and uncrowded environments is a classic. Before disinfecting, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and remove cobwebs, dust and other residues.

In outdoor areas (gardens, hedges, public parks, countryside), a disinfestation intervention is necessary only if the identified species are harmful and dangerous, otherwise, it would be harmful to the ecosystem or other species of useful insects.

how to get rid of spiders in the house

Ask for advice from pest control experts both for interventions in case of spider alarms and for periodic checks. Experts will be able to identify potentially dangerous species of spiders, give you advice for prevention and eliminate unwelcome guests with adequate and targeted interventions.

Insecticides for arachnids

Once the access routes are sealed, you can use a specific insecticide for spiders by spraying it at critical points. Spiders are particularly sensitive to insecticides designed for arachnids, we recommend here a specific one specifically for spiders.

Follow all the instructions on how to use the insecticide without exceeding to avoid any poisoning, especially if there are children in the house.

If there is a real invasion of spiders in your environment (a rare circumstance), the reason is simple: there is a massive presence of other insect prey to spiders.

To solve your problem you can also use the Bomb pack – A set of 3 fumigants with a rapid killing and flushing action for a complete disinfestation cycle or contact us now for support.

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